Upcoming Activities. Resources.

For upcoming activities in our ‘local’ area:

Please subscribe to the Google Group mailing list.

Here you will find links to all relevant lectures, meetings and conferences in our area. Plus more. It is still early days, so for starters it is important that you join the group, so we can monitor the interest in H+ Denmark activities and plan accordingly.

Remember to follow the Humanity Plus homepage for general news.
ManniskaPlus and Gesellschaft fur Transhumanismus, by Aron Vallinder and Miriam Leis, will provide news from our swedish and german sister organizations.
Danish sites, like e.g. Frederik Jerløvs and Mads Mastrups transhumanist site, will give you more info about transhumanism written in danish – See announcements on the H+ Denmark google forum March 2011. Use Google or Wikipedia to search for more danish sites.


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